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If Bets

If bets are used by many players as a method of money management. Like a parlay, an if bet links together 2 or more individual plays. Unlike a parlay, an if bet is not an all-or-nothing wager: the individual plays remain individual wagers and pay at the listed money line if they win.

For purposes of explanation, let's concentrate on an if bet that contains just two wagers. You bet on an initial team or total, if that wager wins then the second wager that you chose will automatically be placed. You should therefore always list the bet you are most confident about first. If your initial bet loses, then the second wager is not placed. The status of the linked bets has nothing to do with the games starting times or what order they are played; it is strictly a logical relation. Even if the first game in your if bet is played hours after the second one, the status of the second bet must wait for the first game's results.

If Bets can be used for all of the four major sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball & Hockey), except circled games.

The amount of the total wager is collected at the time you place the entire bet sequence. All individual wagers that comprise the 'if bet' must be for the same amount. You can only bet the same or less on the following wager. The advantage of playing an 'if bet' is that it reduces your exposure to losses. Since the second wager is placed only if you win, the maximum amount that you can lose is the amount of the first wager. If the first wager wins, then the original stake is used to place the second wager and so on.

Players have an option for choosing the conditions of an if bet: "single action" or "double action."

Single action specifies that the remaining bets in the sequence will only be placed if the preceding bet wins. If the preceding bet is a "push" or is cancelled for any other reason, then the remaining bets will not be placed.

Double action specifies that the remaining bets in the sequence will be placed if the preceding bet wins, results in a "push" or is cancelled for any other reason. In other words, "double action" means that the remaining bets in the sequence will be not be placed only if the preceding bet loses.


If bets are combinations of 2 Straight Bets/Sidebets. You can use multiple sports in your combinations.

Combinations Odds for a 100 bet
If win or Tie $110 to win $100
If win only $110 to win $100
If Lose or Tie $110 to win $100
If Lose only $110 to win $100

Example #2: You can have a two team If Win Bet for $11 on the Bears and Giants. If the Bears win, you risked $11 and won $10 and now you have another $11 wager on the Giants. If they win, then you win another $10 for a total of $20 in winnings. If the Giants lose, then you lose $1 overall, because you won $10 on the Bears and you lose $11 on the Giants. If the Bears lost, then you lose your original $11 and you have no bet on the Giants.

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